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Segmental tunnel

The trapezoidal segmental tunnel lining uses the latest technology to deliver a smooth bore, single pass tunnel, which can withstand the increasing demands of modern tunnel boring machines and poor ground conditions. Linings are commonly used to construct utility tunnels, rail transport tunnels, water pipelines, and desalination structures.

The system offers a number of unique benefits:

  • Cost effective installation.
  • Three segment types for curved or straight construction. Curved alignments are easily accommodated by altering the ring orientation.
  • This smooth bore, single pass tunnel lining requires minimum finishing.
  • One-pass finish for permanent structures.
  • Factory controlled quality concrete moulds ensure a consistent accuracy of segment dimensions.
  • Segments are designed to be machine handled with a rotating arm erector.
  • Segments are provided with a fast coarse thread plastic socket at the centroid for lifting and grouting.
  • Non-ferrous self locking, self-aligning connectors reduce internal bolt recesses.
  • The elimination of cruciform joints.
  • The trapezoidal joint arrangement assists with a good ring build and helps maintain the ring shape prior to grouting.

Olgec cast these segmental linings from 2m to 3.84m (internal) diameters and they are available throughout most countries. Other sizes may be available if requested.

The adoption of the caisson and underpin methods provides significant benefits, especially in time and cost savings to both the contractor and client.