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OLGEC Concrete Manhole Covers

OLGEC Concrete Manhole Covers

A solution to the theft problem!

Right across the world manhole covers are being stolen and sold for scrap metal. Everyday, newspapers carry articles of stolen manholes. Cars are damaged when driving into open manholes and more sadly; 

people get injured and die falling into manholes. The factors that lead to the theft of manholes are many. A cast iron manhole cover is quoted to fetch up to R500 at the local scrap dealer and with the rise in the price of steel rising by the day, stealing cast iron manholes are becoming more and more an opportunity for .

Polymer Concrete manhole covers

There is however good news. Polymer Concrete manhole covers have no scrap value. A Polymer Concrete manhole cover would cost the user about 40% less than a similar manhole made form cast iron. The cost advantage alone allows the user to get more manholes for their money and thereby enables a quicker solution to solving the backlog of open manholes.